Monday, January 30, 2006

Year of the Dog ... doo doo

1st of all, Happy New Year to all those who celebrated it on the weekend!

I played my WSOP qualifier last night. Top 2 go to the wsop:me, next 11 replay again next month. 1st hand KK, sweet. Next hand, AQ, sweet! Then barely played a hand for the next 1.5 hours. Got to about 4M and found AA. Doubled up. Few hands later found AKs in ep. utg limp, 4x raise, folded to the BB which had 1.5x my stack, they called, utg folded. 6-6-8 flop. BB goes allin, I call. AK vs QT. Turn 9, River J. I'm done.

During the long period of limited activity I was able to observe all the other players carefully. I became pretty accurate in guess who had what each hand, and had their playing patterns nailed down. Thus my call on that final hand. Sucks, did all that work for no reason. Oh well, I have another $80+8 coupon to try to get in Feb's qualifier.

The other MTT I played in on the weekend, was a quick Turbo $3r&a on Titan. Though I didn't even know it was an R&A until somebody rebought. Weak competition, lots of bad beats, came in 15th for a whopping $17. Had my KK lose to an AQ which crippled me late, and final hand was A8 vs A10 with my 1.5M left.

On the cash game front, doing an Expekt reload. 100% max $100, 200points required. Going slower than I thought, up and down on that site, reminds me of Martin's. Made some more $ on Paradise though.

On the Casino front, did the Casino Europa sticky bonus, 100% max $100, 8xD+B, + extra $20 bonus. Put it all down the first hand. Me 19, dealer 2. Hole card 7, next card A. Doh! Also did At the Races Casino 100% max £50. 10xD, get bonus, 1xB. Busted my 1st £50. Deposited another £50. Got it up to £88 and got my bonus to make it £138. 10 hands to go at £5 a hand. Lost 8/10, pushed 1, won the other. Don't like this place, but still a good bonus. Others have made $ from here.

Year of the Cock was good for dick's like me, hope the year of the Dog doesn't bite back!

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