Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend Play

Didn't get as much poker playing done as I thought I would, but I got some. My ring game play was good, destroyed the Paradise Poker and Bet365 tables for a few hundred each. Played a few hands at Martin's, not much going on.

On the tourney front only played 3 mtts and a few sngs. 2/4 on sitngos on Titan. 1 win, 1 2nd. On the MTT front all 3 were played sunday night.

Paradise Million qualifier freeroll - Busted out 500ish. Not real poker here, people going allin with A high, a lot of suckouts, didn't really pay attention here.

Titan PSO Freeroll - Shortstacked myself early when dude calls by big bet, me holding AJs vs QTs. Hits a runner runner flush with me holding TPTK. Stayed around and bubbled out with my 99 vs AK, with another runner runner flush. Though I was low stack I probably could have tried hanging around until the $, but I felt like winning and going for gold instead.

Party $500k Qualifier - 350+ players, top 14 qualify for the $500k. Finished in 36. Was running ok, then completely card dead after the 2nd break. Couldn't hit a single flop while others did, was completely useless. Ended up putting up my 3M on the BB with KJs when 2 others went in in front. Up against AK and JJ, so I was pretty much dead unless a Spade board happened. It didn't happen, so in other words wasted 2+ hrs of my time.

This week I think were going to start our Pokerroom Team play again. We should kick ass again. Plus 24 is on, so its all good!

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