Monday, January 09, 2006

Bad Tourney day

Sunday was supposed to be a big tourney day from me. I played 4 tournies, supposed to be 5 but 1 got cancelled. All Freerolls but they all had some +EV to them. Bet365 $30k, Titan $10k, Eurobet $20k, PSO-Titan $2.5k, PSO-UB $2.5k. The only one I monied in was the one I didn't care about.

Bet365 I lasted till about 260ish out of 3600ish. I don't like the prima tourneys, after the 1st break they're just alliins or nothing.

Titan I got knocked out about 1/2 way out of 360ish. Hit my set of 5s. but the other guy had 4s and an OE straight draw. He hit and I was left with just about nothing.

Eurobet was the Killer. $20k freeroll with only 65 players!!! 10th place guaranteed $600. Disappointed in myself. One key play was getting reraised allin with me holding AK and with about 7M left. I couldn't pull the trigger and still question my decision. I eventually lost when my AQ lost to A7 all action preflop. Cutoff limped in, me on SB with about 5M pushed, BB folded. Limper had me covered so called. Stupid 7 on the turn. I guess this is why I hate freerolls. If you're going to call that bet, if you were the first one in the pot wouldn't it make sense to try to steal the blinds instead? Hope that donkey didn't $.

Titan PSO was postponed for a couple weeks. Too bad only 27 people registered for that one.

UB PSO freeroll was funny. I think 2100 were preregistered. 1st hand, a bunch of autofolds, button raises, and I go allin with QQ. Dude must have thought I was just a maniac, and called with K10. Bye bye, I double up. The funny thing is nobody else on the table is active! So I steal their blinds until they're kicked off after the 1st round. Ends up being 120 players left, and all in the $!! With no real interest in this I end up 50ish making $6! Woohoo!

On the casino side, it was up and down. Doing the monthly/reload for InterCasino, Littlewoods, Eurobet, VIP, 32red, and Super Vegas. Inter I'm up some, littlewoods I finished up big, Eurobet up some, VIP doing 2 months worth - was up huge, but now only up a little with 25% through the wr, Super Vegas up some. 32Red finally did one of these with a profit, though a small one of £14. They increased the bonus to max £50 with a 1500wr. Still an awesome deal especially with autoplay. I can't get lucky on this one though.

On the backgammon side, I finished my wr for Gammon Empire $20 bonus. Lost $7 prebonus, but am getting better at that game. This game gets more frustrating than poker, not because of bad players, but some crazy rolls.

Today is my 1st wsop satellite through UB, I better step up my game!


Riverrun said...

Hey can you email me a referral name for martins poker, I would rather you get it than some random.

actyper said...

It is actyper, but I'll email you as well. Thanks

Omenic said...

how did you end up on Martin anyway?

The MTT last night was $190 for a $15 buy in. I posted some of the hands on my blog.

The last one was the one that put me out. It was one where I thought I had him.

Blasted 4th 2.

actyper said...

Ended up 100e up before the bonus. Have already received 400e of bonus,and still waiting for more in March (90 days). If you can do any daytime playing I'd recommend it, night time playing are all whores.

chipper said...

Funny how you mentioned that the only tournament you monied in was the one you didn't care about. Hmm, I wonder if that affected your approach to your tournament play. If the money is big you tend to play differently?

I had a similar situation where I entered a huge tournament but it had a very low buy-in price. I played it just to see how far I could go and didn't care about the prize money. Turns out I ended up 2nd out of 511 players and got 75X my buy-in.

Perhaps your attitude about the outcome affects how you play in a tournament. If you have a carefree attitude you may actually play a bit more aggressively than you would have and may end up taking more chances. Aggression helps win $$.

actyper said...

Chipper I agree totally. I just wanted to make the $ in that one and then play poker. I failed to realize that I had to get there first and it wouldn't be a breeze. I played way too tight, a play that stuck out was when I got reraised allin by the big stack, and me holding AK. Didn't feel like gambling at that point, though maybe I should have. I'm confident that I had 2 overcards at that point.