Friday, January 06, 2006

My journey to the WSOP: ME

My goal #2 of 2006 is to participate in the World Series Of Poker Main Event 2006. So I guess a lot of my time the first 1/2 of the year might be allocated to playing a bunch of satellite tournies. $10k is still to rich for my blood to buy direct. So far I'm in 3 direct qualifiers this month.

1) PokerRoom via the Fantasy Poker Challenge. Takes place end of the month and I'll be starting off with the 50th most chips out of 1000 or less. 6:1 over the bottom, 2:1 less than the chip leader.

2) Ultimate Bet. Qualifier on Monday Jan 9th. Qualified with a $5 satellite where top 25 advance. Top 3 out of 1500 are flown to Vegas to play in a live event sitngo where winner gets the seat. Pretty easy play here, I think about 125 people entered so 1/5 go through. Played a nice solid game and got through no problem. Stupid big stack still kept on stealing everyone's blinds during the bubble period even though every player on our table was pretty safe. Buddy just let us see some flops and play for fun, boring folding every hand until the end. Nobody here was going to do something stupid, especially with a handfull of players at the other tables with less than 2M.

3) Qualified last night. Started off playing 2 satellites, a $20 and a $5 last week. Won both. Last night played in the advancing $80 and the $20. Won both and now have a $250 direct and another $80. My $80 one was scary. Was in good chip position until my pocket Js. 4x preflop, called. Bet the A high flop, was reraised, had to drop it. That took a lot of my chips. I was always bottom 3 during the hand for hand time until I tripled up on A2s when I hit my flush. Lost a bunch more chips when shortest stack went allin, folded around to me on the BB and I had to call the 1 more bet with AQ. His 10s held up with a 10 on the turn after the flop had paired my Q. Stuggled again and had to push with JJ. Big stack called with JJ. Well at least I didn't loose! I was down to less than 1 BB on the bubble, but luckily one player was in worse position than I was with less than 1M and the blinds approaching. On the BB he had BB which he folded. On the SB he didn't have much better, but that hand gave me a heart attack. The 2 big stacks were in, and one decides to bet the turn with middle pair, forcing the other guy out. WTF you dumbass!!!! That bet does nothing, the extra few hundred chips does nothing, I would have beat his ass if he lost. Luckily his pair held up and I went through in 11th, just enough to advance.
My $20 game was rather easy. Didn't really pay attention to the beginning as I was playing my other game, and only allows one window. Became the chip leader after 20 mins and never looked back. Cruised my way through that one using some monster 7-3s and 10-6s to knock guys out. This is my backup if I don't make it through my main one.

Wish me luck!

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