Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Abusing the bubble

I wish I could show hand histories on cake, as it would be a great example of how to abuse the bubble. Was approx 25/50. By the time the bubble burst ended up 1/40 and only 1 showdown and not an allin. I raised most hands, made calculated cbets and check raises, and it worked.

Went card dead after it got down to 2 tables, could only gather chips off of blind steals and I think 1 resteal. Got really low and had to shove any 2 on the SB. 84s < TT to deny me another 1k+ score. This tourney takes longer than I thought, gonna be at least 5hrs.


Omenic said...

You're running good.

Keep it up.

Take a week and go to the 5 Diamond ME.

gold999 said...

yes, running very good.

Are you setting any longer term goals. ie taking poker to the next level? semi professional, WPT, etc.

It's great following you through your Blog!

actyper said...

I've always considered myself semi-pro, especially this year, as my hourly rates playing poker are much higher than my regular job. I wouldn't go completely pro until I can guarantee I can make 100k+ a year, though just calculating some numbers now if I were to use my hourly rate over 40hrs/52weeks then it would be.

Pretty much I'm just training myself just in case something should happen in my job I'd be able to jump right into this. Still lacking the confidence that I'd be completely sucessful at this full time. Doing this as your only source of income I think would add a lot of stress, and I'd have to be very comfortable before making the switch.

Playing more live events is always a goal, but so many limitations because of vacation time, work schedule etc that screws things up.