Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Recap

Nothing too exciting this weekend. Tried satelliting into the sunday majors, FT million and the UBOC ME, but failed. I dunno how I failed the FT one, was chip leader at one point. I guess with turbo tournies, anything can happen. Not sure why UB didn't run any multiple guaranteed seats tournies. All they had were $10r, $30r, and $75rs. For a premium tournament series they sure didn't give many opportunities to get in through satellites. Final tabled a Betfair $5k tourney, and came 20th in the Cake $100k. Betfair took a nice beat KK <> Adanthar's AA. I was reshoving a lot on the bubble with decent holdings, and this time I got caught. Other than that I don't think I won a showdown after that, pretty much just accumulating chips from steals and resteals. Lost a big chunk of chips QQ < 99. But all that aggressive play got me in trouble late, and eventually out 55 < 77.

Cash game side I was tearing it up. 2/4NL and 5/10limit. I've rediscovered my love for limit. Its so easy, and the majority are just so bad. But went on a total downswing yesterday. At one point I was up a buyin on 2 of my NL games and 10bbs on my limit game, but just swung right back down. Stoopid fn short stackers, they are my nemesis. Always manage to suckout on me.

Got Rockband for my birthday, and it rocks. I can't sing for shit, but can bang the drums pretty good. Not that good though, still on the medium level, hard is pretty difficult. The guitar playing is easier than guitar hero though, I can play the songs on hard pretty good.

Last week of poker for 2007 for me, actually probably only 4 days. Off to Mexico (Mayan Riviera) again for another wedding. Will prob do a recap/goal post later this week if nothing exciting happens in between.

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