Sunday, December 02, 2007

Another close Sunday

This time to a big score

Was playing well, getting my chips in with the best hand, restealing at the right times. Almost bubbled the money after taking some tough beats on the bubble. AK < xx, 99 < 67 (that was to ch0ppy). Lucky they were both shorties. Battle my way to the final tables staying within the median stack but at the end just lost all my flips.

Was seriously abusing the guy to my right, everytime it was folded to me I would shove in the SB. 3 times in a row and on the 4th time he decided to make his stand, with T2s!!!! Bastard hits his river T. Next orbit I do the same thing with JT, called by A7. J on the flop, river A. So now I"m a shorty. Double up with AQ vs A5. Then go busto 99 vs AQ. Turn Q. Finish in 12th, 2 shie of the final table and an extra G payout. I know I"ll hit a bigpayout soon, just have to keep plugging away.

My other tournies were nothing. Went deep in the Cake Aussie again, but just 17th this time, lost a flip to go busto. The cake $10k 3pm turned into a $20r instead of a $30 freezeout. I like that better. Was crushing it then took beat after beat pretty close to the $. Mansion I think I busted within the first 1/2 hr.

November recap, was my best month so far. Also my most hours put in at 65. The two aussie scores helped, but I also had some decent other mtt results, and my cash games were solid. Hopefully I'll run good in Dec as well, so far not bad.


Anonymous said...

can't seem to enlarge pic
looks like 12th paid about $1700?

actyper said...


So pissed, that guy who I kept on shoving on finished 4th for $28k.