Thursday, June 08, 2006

Did I skip a chapter?

Good news, I found a leak in my mtt game. Bad news, another waste of time. Once again I final tabled the PokerShare $1500 wsop seat. Once again I blow it, this time in 5th. And once again on a questionable/frustration/impatient call on my part. Final tables, I usually steal a fair number of blinds. Sometimes people fight back, and last night they fought back. And not with baby min raises, they were coming with their whole stack. After two straight unsucessful blind steals with decent holdings, I try it once more UTG with A9s. Another push back, and I decide to call it this time hoping they had a baby A. Turned over 88, and I couldn't hit and was out. I dunno whats wrong with me. I'm extremely confident I can outplay most of my opponents post flop, so why the hell am I risking it to luck preflop?

I got to pickup my HOH vol 2 and reread it again, this time carefully. No point playing these tournies if I'm going to be a donk during the final table. I did get the new HOH vol 3 and the skylansky book in the mail yesterday. One day I'll get reading those. I think I still have about 5 unread books on my shelf.

Have my Lavalife Party Poker final today. Winner gets a trip to Turks & Caicos. Most likely will play for 2nd instead, plasma tv. Trip is cool, but not exactly high on my list of places to visit. Not worth taking vacation time against. Theres also the pocketfives FullTilt tourney. 25 added $200+15 seats for sundays $200k guaranteed. $20 tourney, pass is pocket5s. 8pm est. Will see how many people play before I decide if I want to play or not. Wanted to take Sunday off and read.


scaryjerry said...

good luck taking second. if its me and you, you might get stuck with first :-p

Scottwire said...

good luck. I may play the full tilt tourney tonight as well.

I finished 12th and watched a little bit of the final table last night but I missed you going out. That's one of the things I realized a couple of weeks ago as a leak. Calling all ins with A9 and AT are just asking for trouble :( Unless you've pot committed yourself that is.

Last Wednesday most players were tight as hell. Last night was nuts. Every time I had AT/A9 I'd raise preflop, miss the flop, make a stab and get raised all in. Like clockwork.

We'll get em next week.