Saturday, June 24, 2006

You'll never win! - STFU biatch

Funny end of the night RIO sng I played last night. Down to 3 players left, and I was down to like 2M after the blind change. So I proceeded to do a lot of allins. Some chick then says "You'll never win if you play like that" What? She just put a target on her back. I let her have it, nobody tells me I can't win! I continued to steal her blinds, going allin. Now this chick was a complete useless lucky player. Her stack was completely built up by calling premium hands with Axs and hitting the flush or 2 pairs. If she didnt' have an A, she wouldn't call anything though. One had I had a 44 in the BB. Both limped, I went allin, and she thought and thought, even asked the other guy if she should call with TT. She ended up folding it. I told her there's no way you had TT. She said she swears to god she did. So I continued to berate her some more, what kinda of tard (sorry just watched The Ringer last night) lays down a TT. She then claims shes been playing proffessional for 3 years now. I told her, her husband must be broke now. "Oh he's a doctor" Yes he must be broke now. Eventually the other guy knocked her out, 2 pair vs A high, and then I disposed of him quite handily.

Played 4 sitngos in total yesterday, won 3. Rio, Full Tilt 2table to get a $75 tourney token (which I will use on a wsop 100seat qualifier), and Full Contact Poker Classic qualifier. Donked my way out of a Party WSOP step sng. Couldn't find any mtts I wanted to play so I just stuck to those.


jl514 said...

You need to focus and take down the rio. You're obviously a great SnG player. Go own em. Even if you keep missing on the 5th or 6th.. you should be making money from the 4 firsts before that anyway.

Do you have an account at CD poker? $20 free sounds like a jackpot SnG buy-in

jl514 said...

I know the Bruson post is way down there, but just wanted to say thanks for lending me the cash. Paid back in full in Neteller.

Thanks again

actyper said...

No prob, better luck next one!