Monday, June 05, 2006

I must be a Toronto Maple Leaf fan

The more tournies I play, the more I believe I am the Toronto Maple Leafs of online poker tournaments. I can qualify for any tournament, but when it comes down to the big game, I choke. All that time and $ spent on the subsatellites and the main events gone to waste. Much like watching a season of Sopranos and viewing such a dreadful finale (?) as last night, but thats a different story.

My first tourney was a Poker Share $500 WSOP ME qualifier. Top 2 get seats to the main event, 3rd place gets $5k. Couldn't get into the game, widdled down to low levels, and got frustrated by some luck players who always hit his draw. JJ vs QQ, AKJ flop, this guy kept calling and calling and hit his river T. Ended up in 12th as a result of an impatient call of mine. 6 handed on 2 tables, I was 4th in chips but one of the lower stacks. We just kept firing allins. I held AT in the BB when one of the lower stacks fired another away. Its a call I don't usually make unless I'm a big stack. He turned over 77 and it was good enough. Went out next hand. So no more ME tournies on pokershare, that was the last of the added seats.

My 2nd tourney was the Titan $100k guaranteed. Like the pokershare tourney had no problems satelliting into this one with a $20 sng. Turbo like structures made it hard to play. After the first break the blinds were bigger here than my pokershare tourney which started an hr earlier! No real regrets other than a couple of failed bluffs. Went out with 88 vs KK vs QQ when I was down to 5M or so. Play was pretty weak in this tourney, I dunno if skill factors too much in it though. After the first break, any pot you get involved in pretty much results you in risking 20% of your stack.

With all these tournies my bankroll has remained pretty constant for the past few months now. I think after Feb I was on pace for double my target. Now I'll be happy to just reach it. I haven't played too many cash games lately. Oh well, after July I can forget about the wsop qualifiers and concentrate on making $ again. Taking Monday off from poker again. I think Monday will be permanant day off from Poker. Sometimes Thursday and Saturday as well.


Logan Lamb said...

So it is contributed raked hands? How long did it take you to clear 4 tableing? The site is in Euro's - how much does that convert to in dollars or do you have to deposit Euro's?

Logan Lamb said...

wrong post response.