Monday, May 29, 2006

WSOP Qualifying Day

Sunday was my WSOP qualifying day. I had 2 chances at a Main Event seat, and 1 $1500 seat.

PokerStars 500FPP
I thought the max would be 5000 players, but for some reason they decided to not cap it. 7600+ players played! I don't even remember the specifics. I built up my stack, donked it back off. Finished around 1500. For some reason I couldn't concentrate playing this one.

Poker Share $1500 seat
Congratulations to Omenic for winning this one, and securring a seat. He's been playing well lately, and fortunately/unfortunately beat me to a seat! I end of finishing I can't remember 18th or so. Same scenario as above, couldn't really concentrate on this one either.

Poker Share WSOP: ME Seat
1st place won a ME seat, 2nd place was $8k. 32 players. Started at 4pm, I got knocked out in 5th at 10:30pm. Deep stack tourney, 5k chips, 20mins blinds. Man was I disappointed in myself after this. Made a terrible call with KT, but this was due to frustration and a long day in front of the computer. I stole blinds like crazy in this tourney, was pretty sick how I got away with it so often. One weak point in my game I figured out was blind defence though. Whenever I fought back, I won the pot. I just didn't do it enough IMO. With 5 players left one guy didn't want to deal, greedy bastard. So I played 6.5 hrs in this tourney for nothing. I almost can't wait until the wsop happens so I can start playing some $ tournies. Playing all these event qualifiers and not getting rewarded for final tables is starting to take its toll. Best read I made in this tourney, I called a guy with Q high. Surprised the crap out of the other guy who probably folded A high or mini pair.

Need to take a break from poker tonight, even though I want to play in a $1500 qualifier. Couldn't sleep last night, thank goodness for Timmies.


Riverrun said...

Your playing solid, its only a matter of time you win a seat. I think your right, you should mix a couple of cash tourneys in for your sanity.

Keep it up and good luck.

moneymate said...

maybe just screw all these qualifiers all together and just take the money you spend on these qualifiers and buy in directly to 1 of them $1500 WSOP Events.


actyper said...

Fortunately I've been winning sub satellites to get into these. $5, $10, etc. Most I spent was $50 to get into the $1500 tourney.

I can't justify spending $1500 on a poker tournament yet. I'm not too sure how my live game compares to that of top notch players. I haven't even ponied up a buyin for a CPT event yet!

Omenic said...

Cool, I got mentioned on someone elses blog.

I agree with the others maybe you should play the SnGs and try to make $1500+