Monday, May 15, 2006

Be a Chameleon! SnG: 6max vs Full

I've concluded that I need to do a better job at adapting.

Current Strengths:
Ring games (short handed, NL & FL)
SnG (SH)

Current Weakness
Ring games (Full table limit and nl)
SnG (Full table, 1 or 2 tables)

Ring games:
Been playing on Poker Share and Poker Stars. Doing well on the 6 max tables at both 3/6 limit and $100nl. Haven't played a full table in a long time, but just listed it there from my poker rewards April play. Was probably playing too many hands there, and bluffing more than I should have. I prefer the more aggressive short handed play where I can take advantage of the tighty whities and catch the maniacs off guard.

Sit n Gos:
This is my biggest discrepency. On Titan 6max sngs, my last 20 I have won 12. Not money, but won at a 60% rate. Additionally I have monied (top 3) in another 2. I guess I don't lose when I'm final 3. 4 of those no placings was when I was on tilt after my failed jackpot win. Now on other sites (qualifiers - full table), Poker Share, Full Contact, Poker Stars, I haven't won anything in a while. Once again I think I'm playing too many hands on the full tables, will have to cut back and see what happens.

Multi Table Tournaments
I think my MTT game is back at a higher level. No first place winnings but have had good placings in May. Last night finished 11th ($210) in the PSO Poker Rewards freeroll, just bubbling out of the final table. Tried a blind steal with A3s as the 2nd shortest stack, but got caught by QQ. Oh well, sometimes you get caught. Blind stealing got me going the whole tourney. Figured out the tities and played against them aggressively. Needed it as I couldn't win races all night. Lost a lot of $ with AK as well. Wanted to reread my Harrington books during my vacation but didn't get a chance to. Ended up reading Book of Bluffs by Matt Lesinger and Kill Phil by Blair Rodman and Lee Nelson. Book of Bluffs is recomended, nice read. Kill Phil wasn't really. Pretty much a book telling you to go allin on most hands. Some sections and points were good, but the rest is just mumbo jumbo IMO.

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