Monday, May 08, 2006

Rio, sucks to be me.

Decided to just go ahead and play my final Rio despite all the temptations. Finished 3rd. No $55k for me, not even a $300 consolation prize for 2nd. And the hand I was eliminated with. AA vs 33. Flopped a 3, dude went allin, and I couldn't fold my AA. Didn't even think about it for a sec, now I'm 2nd guessing myself. Was hoping he had A7. Oh well, guess I have to do it allover again.


Scottwire said...


still a great can do it again!

Don't kick yourself over the AA. Just win the next 6!

actyper said...

I proceeded to go on tilt and lose my next 4. Then I win a 2nd and then 3 1sts. Then a 6th. Now I'm on 3 1sts, and am starting to try out the fort knox ones as well.