Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Happenings

First of all, I'd like to congratulate RiverRun on winning the PSO league and earning a WSOP event seat. Great job!

Played some cash games on PokerShare to fulfill a pokersourceonline promo. Up and down, people chase and sometimes they catch. Can't get any good 3/6 limit games there anymore. Settled on mostly $100nl sh, and 1/2 limit sh.

On the tourney front, I was once again close to a WSOP seat but fell short once again. This time I came 4th, but at least I got $60 this time for my 4hrs of play. Played great poker, stayed top 7 in chips from the 1st break and on. Was 2nd/3rd when 4 handed but played too aggressively against Navajo who started playing more aggressively than me! He busted me when he caught his J on the river against my K high. PSO final game came 20th. Donked out which I'll explain later. Qualified for the next round in the UB millionaire challenge. Took 3 hrs to make it to the top 100 out of 1500, but only played it as I was already playing other tournies anyways.

On the Casino front, an ok month. +$40 from InterCasino. +£70 from Littlewoods. -$20 from Casino Glamour when they gave me a 500% reload. Haven't won my $2.5 millionaire club jackpot yet. Haven't even gotten to the final round this month. Thats about it, casino hunting is slowly dying.

My New Pet Peeve
In tournies, i'm running into a lot of players who now use the excuse "I had the odds". First example; blinds are 50/100. Short stack UTG raises allin to $400. UTG+1 calls, Goofball calls (1/4 of his stack), and me the bigger stack calls with 98s. When all was said and done, Goofball wins with Q6. When I ask the Goofball on his reasoning, he's here talking about implied odds and other crap and then says the pot odds were good. Buddy, most scenarios you encounter will give you 2:1 odds. Doesn't mean you call with any 2 cards everytime the pot is good. Oh well I let him be. I got the same scenario later on that tourney when somebody called my allin getting 2:1 with K9. Risking almost 1/2 his stack on that garbage.

One final note, but not to jinx myself, I've now won 5 Rio Jackpot sitngos in a row. Actually got a 2nd before that but noticed in the T&Cs that they have to be done within a 30day period. Right now its at about $45k if I win my 6th. Too nervous to play yesterday, might give it a shot today. Crossing my fingers!


Riverrun said...

RIO Jackpot!!

Take her down!!

I am thinking july 10th for the WSOP.

When were you planning on going down?

actyper said...

Depends on:

a) What satellite events I win
b) What time period the wife can take off work.

jl514 said...

Take down that Rio!