Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bubblelicious, Bubble Yum, you get the picture

Wow, what a frustrating night of poker last night. 4 bubbles!!!

Bubble 1
Titan Rio Jackpot Sit N Go. Already won 4 in a row, now going for my 5th. 6 in a row wins the jackpot. Comes down to heads up, and I catch the guy AT vs A9 to take a commanding lead. 88 vs A5 he catches an A. Q7 vs Q5 split pot. Kx vs xx, and he catches one of his x's. I ended up making a questionable 10 outer call, that gave him the chip lead. On my final hand, went in with 87s vs Ax. He hit an A, I made 2 pair, but the board also paired giving him the higher 2 pair.

Bubble 2
Shouldn't have, but on Tilt I played another Rio hoping to at least get the $300 consillation prize for 6 top 2 finishes. Came in 3rd. Was just outflopped when it mattered.

Bubble 3 WSOP qualifier. Top 2 make it to the semis, next 2 play again. I came 4th. Can't even remember by outage hand.

Bubble 4
PokerShare $1500 WSOP seat. Top 2 get seats, 3rd gets $450. We end up chopping the prize$ 3-5. I ended up 5th. I like the deep stack tourney structure here, I just screwed it up. I'm 5/5, but still with 8M. MP min raises, which I haven't seen from him before. I have 88 on the SB. With a regular raise I most likely would have went over top of him, but this min raise messed me up. I ended up calling, as did the BB. 975 flop, and I bet out the pot, BB goes over top of me allin. Preflop raise folds so I'm guessing now he prob had something like AT, KQ, KJ, etc. Figure at this point I have to call now, so I did. He flips over 95 for top and bottom pair. No miracles for me. One gripe about pokershare that I do have is its timer clock. You really don't get too much time to act. There was one hand where I had 99, and somebody went over top of me. Ended up timing out before I thought it all through.

Crappy night, even though I ended up $100+. No Poker tonight for sure, I'll probably get back at it on Friday. I don't think I have any scheduled tournies until next week anyways.


Scottwire said...

I was watching the pokershare tourney last night. I managed to bubble the qualifier while you were bubbling yours. I even managed to take the lead with 3 players left but I went card dead after that and got owned.

Favorite chat from my table:
wizmickey: dang D6.. youre punishing ash
wizmickey: she is tight as hell

Hopefully I'll qualify for the next one. good luck

actyper said...

Was watching some of your earlier satellite, hate how there is no observer chat.

I lost my aggression when I started losing my chips. I'm still pissed at myself for not hitting back my last hand.

jl514 said...


you're killing me!

Omenic said...

Shake it off and get back in the game.

You've just had some bad luck in these spots.

Don't doubt yourself - maybe try one of these playing by "feel" rather than solid poker.

actyper said...

Qualified for the wsop me final qualifier on Poker Share yesterday so did some good yesterday.

Also semi bubbled another sng. Full Contact On Game Classic Stage 1. Came 2nd so have to play stage 1 again, +$7.