Monday, December 11, 2006

Fallsview Plans

Woohoo, getting excited. Fallsview might actually become a nice place to play tournament poker. The below is quoted from the Fallsview Poker Manager / Tournament Director.

WPT added events - for the 2007 events I have submitted the following,
regular satellites to start as early as May/June, same as last year. We had over 8000 people play in last years satellites.
a one day $1000 buy-in event, 300 people maximum
a two day $2000 buy-in event, 300 people maximum

the WPT Canadian Open will increase to a $4000 buy-in from the $2500 buy-in and will have a cap of 600 people maximum
the NAPC will remain at a $10,000 buy-in with no cap, I expect it to be the largest event on the WPT in 2007
More days, which should equal shorter days. The 2006 numbers were way above what everyone expected, including the WPT. I know they were long days, but that is a good problem to have.
Again, this is what I have submitted, I won't know for quite some time what is approved. We are also looking at expanding the tournament room to 45 tables from the 30 that we had this year, but it's not as simple as buying tables and receiving approvals. If we do go to 45 tables, those caps would move to 450 from 300, and to 900 from 600, but I do not want to go to 45 tables if we can't provide quality staff.

Daily tournaments - as of right now, I have single table SNG's approved, and am working on getting flexible approvals for multi-table tournaments. Here is tentatively what I am planning to offer:

Sunday - $200 (180+20) SNG - Noon to Midnight
Monday - $60 (50+10) SNG - Noon to Midnight
Tuesday - $60 (50+10) multi, 50 max - 2pm and 9pm
Wednesday - $100 (90+10) multi, 50 max - 2pm and 9pm
Thursday - $200 (180+20) multi, 50 max - 2pm and 9pm
Friday - $500 (460+40) SNG - Noon to Midnight
Saturday - $1000 (950+50) SNG - Noon to Midnight
This is all tentative. Single table only on week-ends, I can't spare more tables. I will begin the single tables (trying for this Monday) and wait for the approvals for the multi-table tournaments on Tu-We-Th. I will post more on the starting chips/blind levels as I finish them , but for the Fri/Sat SNG's you can expect a lot of play. Friday 2K starting chips 30 minute levels (3-4 hours), and Saturday 2.5K starting chips with 30 minute levels (4-5 hours). The smaller buy-in events will obviously be less play, but I do want them to be fair, I hate Bingo.

Other tournaments - I am working on larger tournaments on a regular basis, at least quarterly, but possibly as often as monthly, with buy-ins of $1000 or greater. WPT takes up a lot of time, so these may not happen soon. As for CPT events at Fallsview, that will not happen from the looks of things. The CPT is doing a great job, but we have decided to hitch ourselves to the WPT and intend to continue in that direction.

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