Monday, December 11, 2006

Last Year of my youth

Today mark the beginning of the last year of my youth. I turn 29 today. Not looking forward to 30. To me, I consider that to be a grown up, I'm still a kid at heart. When you turn 30 are you supposed to stop playing video games, and watching cartoons (simpsons/family guy)? I hope not. :)

I guess the poker gods didn't know it was my birthday, not so nice to me on the weekend. I hate the mansion poker dome tourney. I always make the right reads, but luckboxes always prevail. Frustrating. Plus watching that show makes me more angry that players that bad can make it.

No poker for me this week, some but not much. Booya on tuesday to finish up the Poker Night in Canada league. Hope to maintain my 2nd place for $1250. Fri/Sat night I'll prob hit one of the Mansion $ added tournies, have yet to play one yet.


Gold999 said...

Happy B-day!

Keep on doing what you enjoy, it keeps you young!

Chipper said...

Don't sweat 29 - man you've got a lotta life left. I'm in my late 40s, still playing video games and still loving everything I did when I was your age! The shell may get worn but the brain still has the same thoughts. Happy Birthday. Enjoy them all - it's still fun no matter how old you are.

JL514 said...

I played the $20k added last night and it was a rush. I finished 72nd out of 170. Just couldn't catch cards and was too scared to gamble. When i finally caught a decent hand (AQs) I threw it in the middle only to run into AKs. Sigh. GL!