Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weekend Results

UB Online Championships Event #1
31/650 - $585
Doubled up early and continued to build my stack. Went dorment for a long period that killed my stack. Ended up losing 99 vs KT on a questionable call by my oponent.

Sun Poker $50k added
About 1.5hr in, QQ < KQ
Mansion Poker Dome
About 1.5hr in QQ < AT, then AK < AJ I think.
Booya Poker CPT Satellite ($1 + WSOP added sats)
Just played garbage. Didn't push with 22 when semi short, would have tripled up.
UB Online Championships Event #3
170ish / 1260
- Never got on a rush. Made some good plays on pots where I doubt I had the best hand. Ended up losing ATs vs A9. Just short of the $, 140. Had 2 board splits where the boards made straights, one AK vs AQ, and the other 77 vs AA after I flopped a set as well.

I think I played well this weekend, good enough to take home some bigger prizes. Didn't get the luck to win. I like the UB tournies, great structures and lots of play. They take quite a long time to play though, so I duno if I"m going to play anymore of them. Probably hit some mansion ones instead.


jl514 said...

I completely agree. UB tournaments are fun, and have a good structure, but always seem to take FOREVER.

On the other hand, I'm really liking Mansion tournies, thanks for the heads up.

Omenic said...

Nice work.

Keep it up satilite man.