Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Back to the old Party Network I go.

After complaining about tightness on the "old party" network I find myself back there. This time to clear the Eurobet "SHAW" reload. 50% max $200. 10x. 30 days. I usually wouldn't touch a 10x like this, but the 30 days is nice. I can take my time to clear this, and not have to play a crapload of poker in a short amount of time. So far so good. Playing the $50NL tables. All the $25NL/PL tables were $1/$2 avg pots. Only 1/2 the hands were raking!

Having fun at Harrods Casino. 100% max £50. 20xB. They have some fun versions of Blackjack there. Double exposure (See both of the dealer's cards). The dealer gets the advantage of ties though, except for BJ, you win. BJ surrender where you can surrender at any time. Most of these also have the bonus bet, which I haven't tried. A few other versions as well. Kismet software, same as Red Lounge Casino.

On a side note I think I finally have the £ sign memorized. No more character map! Alt 0163 just in case I forget. What was the Euro sign again? doh!

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