Friday, October 28, 2005

Taking your time

Last night I played in a MTT, winner gets a WPT seat at the Bellagio. 23 people left, top 20 are in the $ as well, I made a stupid play. Now I knew the one guy likes to make the all-in any position blind steal, and this time I read it correctly, I failed to think it through. I held Axs and was on the SB. I decided that next time he tried that move I would call with any A or pp. What I failed to realize was that, I'm so close to the $, do I really need to make that move yet? Calling would only leave me at a slight favourite at best. Though I was on the lower echelon of chips, in comparison to the blinds I still had time to play. Not thinking things through after playing 2+ hours will hurt you. Now I have to remember that for next time. oh and btw, the guy held J9, and flopped a K high straigh. Not J to complete that straight for me.

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