Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Party Split

So Party finally did it and split from their skins. Very curious to see how they rank now in terms of players. Don't know how accurate it is, but stats are still showing it as having double the # of active players than #2 (Poker Stars).

Played on the old network (Empire) over the weekend. Pots are smaller, hands are not being raked as frequently as before. Still a good place to play though, especially for me clearing a nice $100 5x bonus that Empire through into my inactive account! Cashed out of Eurobet. Had a rakeback account there, but only use that account to play SnGs. Don't imagine they will be as juicy anymore.

Finished the Bet365 reload as well. Small profit + the $100 bonus, so I enjoyed it. Hopefully they do it next month as well.

Casino wise, halfway through the Victor Chandler and Littlewoods bonuses. So far so good. Not too many new casino offers popping up, might have to do some other reloads like Will Hill.

While catching up on season 1 episodes of Lost, noticed I still had Noble Poker installed on my laptop. Forgot I left $1.xx in account, so just played a short $1 turbo 6 player sng. Came in 3rd, so no $. What I still don't get, so many AA, KK limpers. I guess thats why they play $1 tournies.

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