Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Various updates:

Bet365 - Best reload right now. 5x. Struggling a bit on prima. Have decided not to play so many tables at one time! Worked last night just playing 2 tables. Love the donkies who call all the way to the river with an A rag, and missing everything but the A river. A simple "nh" by myself, and the rest of their $ is easy taking. Did it to a couple of guys last night.

Paradise - Played there for about an hr. Trying to get another Million $ freeroll entry.

InterCasino - About 2/3 through the best monthly bonus, up $200+

Absolute - Played the Poker News Daily Freeroll. Need to learn to use All-In more frequently in these freerolls when I think I have the best hand. People will call.

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Lifesagrind said...

Welcome to the blogging universe! I'll have to add you to my reading list. If I ever update my links I'll add you there too.

PS - haven't gotten my second Nutz chip yet. They always seem to forget about me.