Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Video Games - Poker on the backburner?

Yesterday the only online video game series that I have played religously came out, Socom 3. Army/navy type game where you utilize teamwork and tactics to win. Part 2 of this took a backseat when I started playing more online poker, so I find it funny that the roles are now being reversed again. I'll finish my Empire reload, maybe play some Paradise, a couple tournies this month, Casino monthlies, and that will be it for gambling for Oct, unless a new PSO promo comes out soon! This game gets pretty addictive, and so far its pretty badass!


dlk9s said...

I'm the same way. I flip-flop between video games and poker.

I've been addicted to Call of Duty on the PC, so I've pretty much ignored my Xbox. COD 2 comes out soon, and while I don't generally buy games for full price when they come out, I might have to make an exception here.

actyper said...

I've never tried COD myself, but I imagine its sorta the same type of game. COD is more simulation though right? I generally don't buy games right when they come out either, though I did preorder an xbox 360 already! Pretty much bought it for show rather than for "playing" purposes. Oh well, whats the point of winning in poker if you don't blow the $ on useless toys! :)